Away x Rashida Jones 2017 

In 2017, I had the opportunity to help Away with their first ever collaboration collection with Rashida Jones. Since it was their first product collaboration launch, I had the opportunity to work with various stakeholders, to help conceptualize and deliver the digital launch. I art directed the product shoot, conceptualized the visual direction, designed and over saw the developement of the custom microsite for the launch. 

The campaign was based on Rashidas love for Stockholm, and how she sees the city as a place for her mind to wander, recharge and get inspired. The visual design of the website tries to mimick this feeling of ideas floating in and out of consciousness. We tried to achieve this through parallel scrolls in the interactive design.



Visual Design: Natasha Sumant
Photographer: Vanessa Granda 
Copy: Trace Barnhill
Development: Aeronauts