Kala is a mattress startup that saw a hole in the direct to consumer mattress industry. The founders felt like there weren’t a lot of companies catering to different demographics. Their approach to creating a mattress was  that different bodies had different needs from a mattress. For example women are generally colder when sleeping and need more heat, while men are often warm. A heavier body might need more lower back support from their mattress.

Thus the mattress had several customizable parts, and the challenge was to educate users about the structure of a mattress and its composition while getting them to design their own and invest in one.


Visual Direction and Strategy

The marketing and design strategy behind this product was to position this mattress as a tool to help improve how the customer functions and performs throughout their day and life. The color palette and visuals were inspired by performance wear and sporstwear. We intended to market the mattres a lifetsyle product, a product we wanted to educate its customers about, driven by content.

User profile:  Ambitious, health conscious, trend consicous and slightly affluent millenial. 


Site Objectives

To sell the consumer on the lifestyle the product offers, while educating them about it. To create a community of like minded people through sleep related content. In order to do this the site had to encompass certain features both through branding and function. The site needed to convey: customization, ergonimic approach, performance, luxury, highend, sleep education, a confulence of science and design. 

Feature Set + Site Map

1. Homepage: Should sell the product, establish look + feel, explain the process of buying the product, and link out to content.
2. Product Page: 3 spet process in which user must be able to choose the size, and removable insert ie softness/ firmness of the mattress for both the right and left sides of the matterss. The page should also include diagrams and functional specs of the mattress to further educate the user in order to eradicate doubts. Peer endorsements should be able to help sell the prodcut, inform the user and helps builds the users trust in the product. 
3. Blog: Stand as a rescource for people interested in the science of sleep. Helps with both marketing the product and creating a community of like minded users. Have articles related to sleep and how to get the best out of their mattress so cutomers can imporve the quality of their life. The blog section would feature long and short form artciles, image posts and a filter to sift through types of content.
4. Reviews: The reviwes page to hold all reviews of the procduct, have a feature to filter by keyword and also for anyone to be able to post a review. 
5. Payment gateway: Payment gateway through shopify, must be a quick 4 step process and must inlcude options for delivery times. 


Wireframes + User Flows

Design as an iterative process, below are some porcess work for the product page on the website. We first started with sketches and user flows, and then moved onto wireframes/visual design. In this case we went straight from sketches to visual design due to time constraints of the project. 


Agency: Harely & Company
Creative Direction: Arthur Vallin
Art Direction, Design & User Experience: Natasha Sumant